Origin Based Rating (OBR) Plugin

Deploy without Disruption

Sits alongside your current system : For carriers not looking to replace an entrenched solution or process, the OBR Plugin sits seamlessly alongside your legacy system. With a quick and clean deployment path, a simple design imports your CDRs to the OBR Plugin before re-integrating corrected information at the invoice stage.

Rate OBR Traffic Correctly

Maintain accuracy against radical new charging regimes : New Origin Based Rating pricesheet and codelist formats are loaded and validated automatically. CDRs are rated (and re-rated) for Bnumber as well as Anumber billing information in a single, harmonised process. SMS records are also fully supported.

Seamless Upgrade to Full Solution

Fully compatible with iCONX Interconnect Billing and RO software: Customers have the option to run the OBR Plugin as a self-contained unit, or upgrade to the full solution at a later point of their choosing. The OBR Plugin maintains full compatibility over time with the iCONX upgrade roadmap.

Reduce Partner Disputes

Billing suspense and partner disputes are drastically reduced, since the OBR Plugin produces accurate invoices and reconciliation statements for review & settlement with partners – and contains detailed OBR traffic breakouts.

Create Accurate Costbase for Routing

A corrected costbase is produced, which can then form the basis for optimised partner selection in LCR Routing Plans. Costbase can quickly and easily be created and output according to standard additional reports in the OBR Plugin.

Optional Exports to Finance, SAP…

Optionally, the OBR Plugin can be configured to output billing totals automatically to a separate Finance system (eg SAP, Oracle) for the seamless creation of partner invoices containing both OBR and non-OBR traffic.

All Features

  • Quick deployment path utilising mediated OR non-mediated CDR streams
  • Autoloader for efficient upload of codes/rates changes
  • Fast and accurate rating and re-rating of traffic in real-time
  • Intelligent error handling to analyse and clear suspense
  • Generation of billing and reconciliation totals, backed by a full trail of OBR call data

Delivery Models

Hosted ASP

Outsource your infrastructure headaches, get live sooner – our ASP fits around you as operations scale.

Managed Services

Everything from an extra pair of hands to specialised services – keeping headcounts low.

Fully Licensed

Total control, backed by full training and a clear support & maintenance SLA.

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