Managed File Transfer

Reduce Risk

Replace the reliance on ad hoc scripted batch processes : iCONX MFT is a unified, configurable, fully auditable system enabling the centralised setup and control of both new and existing datasets. iCONX MFT's structured architecture ensures that data transfers are achieved in a consistent manner, without the need for scripting or programming - thereby allowing legacy scripts and insecure batch processes to be safely decommissioned.

Increase Control

New datasets to implement? No problem! : iCONX MFT administration is performed through a user-friendly web-app where setup wizards guide administrators through the configuration of data sources, data targets and their associated data distribution jobs.  All operations, both user and system generated, are fully audited and logged within the iCONX MFT system.

Locate and Fix Issues Quickly

Identify issues before they impact the business : Without the right tools, missing data can remain un-detected until it causes sudden shock to the business. iCONX’s rule-based alerts automatically inform subscribed users of alarm & error conditions as they arise. Our Health Check dashboard displays the near to real time health of all configured data targets and data sources, while other operational dashboards give summary & drilldown views of data distribution in near to real time.

Telco-optimised design and performance

Telcos must consume large volumes of data in near to real-time, much of which is critical to the business. iCONX MFT delivers a proven high-performance for the things that really matter to a telco - EDR delivery, fraud systems, DWH, revenue assurance, for example.

Fully self-contained

iCONX MFT operates as a clean, single installation, and with no need to install external separate SW agents at endpoints. Thanks to this clean design, timescale to implement and administrative overheads are greatly reduced.

Supporting data transformation needs

Added-value capability to support many of the data transformation needs (i.e. ASN.1 to ASCII) common to telco activities such as filtering, mediation, extracting record counts and performing sequence number checking.

All Features

  • Compliant – Fully supports the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/79 – “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR)
  • Reliable – Distributed architecture promotes service availability while transactional processing assure automatic error recovery
  • Secure – Supports the latest authentication, encryption and certificate formats & standards alongside role-based access
  • Compliant – meeting governance, security and regulatory mandates through authentication, authorization, encryption, plus detailed monitoring and management controls
  • Consistent – providing a uniform file transfer tool and methodology, from which to manage all file transfers across the enterprise
  • Easy to use - Setup wizards guide administrators through the creation of sources, targets and data distribution jobs
  • Manageable & Flexible – user GUI instead of individual scripts, user-configurable, and enabling seamless integration of new datasets and end points
  • Visible – bringing a full level of visibility and monitoring capability to live operations
  • Efficient – reducing pain via process simplification and automation
  • Value-added – with the capability also to enrich or transform files during transit

Delivery Models

Hosted ASP

Outsource your infrastructure headaches, get live sooner – our ASP fits around you as operations scale.

Managed Services

Everything from an extra pair of hands to specialised services – keeping headcounts low.

Fully Licensed

Total control, backed by full training and a clear support & maintenance SLA.

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