Interconnect Billing

Optimise Partner Margins

Manage rates with speed and accuracy : At the core of iCONX Interconnect Billing is a high-performance engine for rating interconnect records - voice, data, IP or content. This is combined with a rapid autoloader for updating frequent changes to reference data to provide a powerful rating system which reduces manual processing requirements and operational costs.

Maximise Cashflows

Rate and bill all interconnect traffic: Invalid EDRs, a potential source of lost revenue, are held in an audited suspense table and aggregated by carrier, product or error reason. Relevant explanatory notes make it easy for you to quickly fix and release the EDR for rating, invoicing and settlement

Comply with "Anumber Billing"

Maintain accuracy against radical new charging regimes:  Flexible rates management tools allow you to import from your carriers, validate, rate, bill and settle with total accuracy against complex new “Origination Surcharge” scenarios – also known as “Anumber Billing”

Improve Management Control

Powerful reporting, dashboards and alerts support your carrier relations activities with timely and insightful decision making, monitoring credit positions in real-time, and providing revenue protection from bad debt and wholesale fraud.

Enhance end-to-end interconnect process efficiencies

Automated processes for fast and accurate rating, invoice production, distribution, reconciliation and settlement offers you a highly efficient system for managing interconnect, roaming and content partnerships.

Act on real-time business intelligence

An extensive set of customisable reports for forecasting, reconciliation and revenue reporting provides full visibility of operations to support decision-making and prevent revenue leakage. Reports can be saved, shared and published on demand to a pre-defined schedule.

All Features

  • Clean front-end GUI to access ALL functionalities
  • Set up new Carriers with ease
  • Autoloader for efficient upload of codes/rates changes
  • Fast and accurate processing of traffic in real-time
  • Intelligent error handling to analyse and clear suspense
  • Fully configurable bill groups and invoice production
  • Full support to reconcile and settle partner invoices
  • Powerful real-time reporting built-in
  • 80+ standard reports available
  • Editable report-builder as standard
  • Automated reporting - publishable to colleagues and partners

Delivery Models

Hosted ASP

Outsource your infrastructure headaches, get live sooner – our ASP fits around you as operations scale.

Managed Services

Everything from an extra pair of hands to specialised services – keeping headcounts low.

Fully Licensed

Total control, backed by full training and a clear support & maintenance SLA.

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