Fraud Management System

Inbound focus detects frauds sooner

Detect Fraud Attacks much sooner in their lifecycle by focusing on inbound traffic : Many FMS only activate once their subscribers’ begin to display unexpected behaviours. iCONX looks much sooner – at the inbound no. range selection & “baiting” fraudsters use to provoke a reaction from subscribers. With fraud attacks often lasting no more than 2 or 3 hours, iCONX’s early detection is critical to prevent network flooding, shut down IRSF losses, and reduce subscriber fraud responses before they have a chance to happen.

Wholesale focus brings new insights

New ways to trap both wholesale and retail frauds : for iCONX, wholesale is our world. Our system analyses wholesale data in new ways to identify and block classic retail/subscriber frauds. But more than that – iCONX perfectly addresses the rising tide of genuine wholesale frauds, such as IRSF, roaming arbitrage, and CLI Refiling for OBR/interconnect bypass. iCONX helps support a mature decision making workflow : carrier ID and relations, reclaim processes, and potential impacts on wholesale QoS – plus when to block, when to monetise, and how to manage the risk profile between the two options.

Immediate wins via rich KnowledgeBase

Fuel – and refuel - the system with a rich KnowledgeBase of anti-fraud data : the iCONX KnowledgeBase is offered as a subscription service sharing a best-of-breed aggregation of customer and market intelligence. Suspicious ranges, confirmed fraudulent numbers, allocated and unallocated ranges are all maintained, updated and shared by iCONX with subscribing customers, along with a constantly refreshed World Numbering Plan that’s optimised for fraud purposes. Indicative wholesale rates are also published enabling the system to apply financial values to fraud scenarios. In this way the iCONX fraud system gives immediate wins out of the box.​

Detect and Block in one seamless move

Link the iCONX Fraud tool seamlessly to the iCONX Blocking and Routing portal, to give direct user control over blocking actions. Block any combination of individual numbers or ranges for precise control and to avoid accidentally shutting out legitimate premium rate traffic.

Full user control over case management

Users gain a central area to log and manage the "cases" which are output by the Central Fraud Engine. The Action Centre provides a business workflow for cases (including system-driven escalations), helping users or teams to approve the case for blocking or other actions. Subscriptions let users filter what cases are pushed to them for attention. A feedback loop tags and returns successfully confirmed fraud cases back into the master iCONX KnowledgeBase.

Rapid deployment brings immediate wins

Thanks to a clever & flexible modular structure, plus the immediate benefits of the intelligence contained in the iCONX KnowledgeBase, a rapid deployment path brings almost instantaneous results, with a project cycle in a matter of weeks not months.

All Features

  • KnowledgeBase import of anti-fraud intelligence
  • Central Fraud Engine detects common fraud cases in near realtime
  • IRSF, Wangiri A and B supported
  • PBX Hacking detection
  • Roaming frauds detection
  • High-cost fraud detection
  • Unusual traffic detection
  • International Number Validation functionality (CLI validation)
  • Allocated and Unallocated ranges updated and fed to system
  • System-driven escalations to prioritise case management
  • Updated with confirmed cases & returned to the iCONX KnowledgeBase
  • KPI reporting showing financial values for frauds blocked – and continuing to be blocked
  • Advanced reporting environment integrated into the system

Delivery Models

Hosted ASP

Outsource your infrastructure headaches, get live sooner – our ASP fits around you as operations scale.

Managed Services

Everything from an extra pair of hands to specialised services – keeping headcounts low.

Fully Licensed

Total control, backed by full training and a clear support & maintenance SLA.

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