Case Studies

iCONX engages regulator to win customer’s case


An interconnect partner was billing an iCONX customer for roaming charges pertaining to international freephone services. However, there was no evidence of any such rates/charges being approved by the relevant regulator.

iCONX helps customer be ready for punitive back-bill


A mistake by an interconnect partner meant that an iCONX customer had been under-billed by almost $600,000. Two years after the incident, they were hit by a retrospective bill for this amount.

iCONX resolves interconnect dispute by re-claiming $900k


Interconnect disputes impact negatively upon on cashflow. An iCONX customer was locked in a dispute worth $1.1m which almost threatened their continued existence.

iCONX audit finds multiple small wins


A customer was leaking revenue in many separate areas, including ported geographic, freephone and premium service-related errors, plus a combination of underbills and overbills dating back for 2 years.

iCONX turns back time to capture lost switch records


An iCONX customer encountered major network issues, meaning that their switch was unable to supply interconnect data for two months and the episode consigned to history.

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