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    Our Solutions

    iCONX’s solutions enable telcos to understand, manage, and maximise their wholesale business activities. Our market-leading software provides complete control and visibility over wholesale, interconnect and routing operations resulting in enhanced margins and profitability.

    Interconnect Billing

    End-to-end management of partner rates, codes, invoice production and settlement – delivering total revenue assurance to your wholesale business.

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    Routing Optimisation

    Integrated, intuitive management of routing, according to price, quality and capacity – providing enhanced costbase control plus full trading and bilateral support.

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    About iCONX

    Founded by domain experts in telecoms wholesale billing, iCONX is a trusted partner to telcos seeking to improve the efficiency of their wholesale operations and profitability of their wholesale partnerships. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional wholesale interconnect and routing optimisation solutions with a personal, client-focused approach. Learn more about why we are the preferred choice of leading telcos worldwide.

      "In replacing and upgrading our interconnect billing system, iCONX has provided us with a modern, highly flexible solution with the functionality to meet the special interconnect challenges posed by the complex Russian telecoms infrastructure."

      Olga Mordkovich —  CIO – Tele2 Russia

      “As the Sudanese telecom market is becoming increasingly competitive, the implementation of the iCONX routing optimisation solution is considered as an important step for Canar to maintain its leading status. The iCONX solution will support the growth of Canar international traffic with enhanced quality and better management”

      Ali Ahmed Yarouf —  CEO – Canar

      "iCONX has been successful in providing a fast-track solution which successfully met the challenging timeframe requirements of the Vodafone Qatar business. The cycle from initial implementation to live use was extremely rapid, and has enabled the business to address its interconnect business with full confidence”.

      Brian Hunter —  Interconnect Billing Manager – Vodafone Qatar

      "iCONX impressed us, not only with their software and service, but also their operational expertise in the complex area of interconnect."

      Liam Duggan —  Commercial Director of Business – UPC Ireland

      "Interconnect information management and billing has always been a tedious task. Today, a tailored solution has been conceived: iCONX. iCONX is a comprehensive and user friendly environment. When adding high levels of accuracy and flexibility, trust is being created. It is thanks to this trust that BASE can now focus on its core business."

      Christine Vanoppen —  Interconnect Manager - BASE

      "The best tribute I can pay is, that in my experience, I know a project has gone well when I barely even hear about it." "The way the iCONX team came into the business, scoped out the project, and executed it without any disruption, was a real point of positive difference."

      Thomas Salmen —  CTO – Orcon

      "Retaining our position as a market-leading telco requires all aspects of MagtiCom operations to run efficiently and productively at all times. iCONX has achieved this goal : its people provide expert assistance with training and product support, and its system successfully processes very high volumes of interconnect call traffic. In this way, iCONX enables MagtiCom to optimize its interconnect business."

      David Lee —  CEO – MagtiCom

      "Fintel chose the iCONX system as it was adaptable, flexible, scalable and very light on hardware. iCONX has provided us with a much lower cost of ownership, since license fees, operational costs and auditing requirements of the mediation device from our former billing system are no longer a recurring expense”.

      George Samisoni —  Manager Commercial & Business Development – Fintel

      "iCONX has successfully met our challenge to deploy its interconnect billing system, on-time and on-budget. In live use, the solution has proven itself to be highly capable in meeting the requirements of the Vodafone Fiji business, and the iCONX team has provided a strong package of support, at both local and global levels, to the Vodafone Fiji users”.

      Ateen Kumar —  Manager IT & Corporate Security – Vodafone Fiji

      "iCONX allows Paltel to optimise its routing plan via Least Cost Routing functionality, delivering improved cost control and a confident platform for Paltel to develop new partner relationships, both national and worldwide."

      Mohannad Heajawi —  CEO – Paltel

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