As OBR marches on in Europe, non-EEA operators also observed issuing OBR price-plans


With origin-based-rating being approved and adopted by an ever-increasing number of countries within the EEA,  iCONX note the early adoption of OBR charging protocols by non-EEA operators.

60-60 or incremental billing is on the rise. What you need to know


Learn more about the growing adoption for “60-60 billing” techniques, and how to ensure compliance for both billing and settlement.

Meet with iCONX at GSMA WAS4 and Capacity Europe 2016


Meet the iCONX team in Dublin (GSMA WAS4) or Paris (Capacity Europe), as iCONX continues its busy event programme for 2016

Total of OBR countries has doubled during 2016, iCONX tells Carriers World


iCONX presented its latest market findings to the Carriers World (2016) conference clearly showing an accelerating trend for countries approving “OBR” or Anumber billing.  

iCONX launches OBR Plugin for rapid correction of OBR or “Anumber-based” rating issues


Thanks to the quick-to-deploy “OBR Plugin” from iCONX, carriers can now augment their current interconnect billing system to correct specific inaccuracies in OBR (Origin Based Rating), restoring accuracy to both invoice & reconciliation totals.

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