Powerful “KnowledgeBase” unveiled as iCONX upgrades its v3 Fraud Management System


Dublin-based wholesale routing, billing and fraud management specialist iCONX has launched an automated service for uploading real-world Fraud intelligence to its customers - known as the iCONX “KnowledgeBase” – as part of its latest v3 FMS upgrade.

iCONX launches its “Routing and Blocking Portal”


This new technical tool from iCONX enables both technical and non-technical users to take direct control of blocking and emergency re-routing – forging an immediate, real-time bond between business decisions and network actions.

iCONX Releases Wangiri Fraud detection capability


Following a strong resurgence of IRSF (International Revenue Share Fraud) since the EU’s implementation of Roam-Like-Home, telcos have observed a dramatic increase in “Wangiri” fraud. In response, iCONX has developed and released new functionality aimed at identifying and combatting Wangiri.

A2P messaging boom fuels move towards differential rating


As IoT triggers a lift-off in messaging volumes, carriers and messaging service providers face growing challenges for rating and routing of traffic.

Operators set to gain minimum 25% uplift through OBR Rating, according to iCONX study


Operators stand to realise an uplift to their termination rates of at least 25% when they implement an OBR-compliant rating solution, according to a detailed market study conducted by Dublin-based interconnect billing specialist iCONX.​

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