iCONX is seeking a mid-level software developer


iCONX is looking for a mid-level software developer to expand its development team to support its existing product suite and to develop new applications to meet exciting new commercial opportunities in the telecoms world.    

iCONX is seeking an experienced and ambitious QA engineer


iCONX is seeking an experienced and ambitious QA engineer. The ideal candidate with be responsible for executing and tracking tests and will have experience with both manual and automation testing.

Wholesale Fraud – your key 10 minute primer


The role of iCONX’s Wholesale Fraud Management System (“FMS”) solution is to detect suspicious calls or call patterns, support the diagnostic ‘case management’ process determining whether a scenario is fraudulent, and empower subsequent blocking of the relevant number ranges associated with a confirmed fraud - either via the operator’s own blocking or barring tools or, if required, using the “iCONX Blocking Portal”. Direct GUI control is offered over all these functions.​

Powerful “KnowledgeBase” unveiled as iCONX upgrades its v3 Fraud Management System


Dublin-based wholesale routing, billing and fraud management specialist iCONX has launched an automated service for uploading real-world Fraud intelligence to its customers - known as the iCONX “KnowledgeBase” – as part of its latest v3 FMS upgrade.

iCONX launches its “Routing and Blocking Portal”


This new technical tool from iCONX enables both technical and non-technical users to take direct control of blocking and emergency re-routing – forging an immediate, real-time bond between business decisions and network actions.

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